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What Are The Mystical Perfumes?

Quite simply, mystical perfumes are those that elicit an emotional response from the wearer.

Fragrances are an emotional extension of ourselves and this includes the mystical parts of us that are even a mystery to ourselves. Perfumes have the sublime power to reveal this part of our souls to us.

Perfumes have been steeped in mysticism since the beginning of time. In ancient Egypt, frankincense and myrrh were burned to address, commune with, and honor the gods. This is where the idea of scents being formulated as a means of evoking that sacred space between the five senses came into being.

Similarly in both Vedic India and in Buddhism,the sense of smell was also believed to be a way to feel the presence of the gods.

It was felt that fragrant molecules had the capability to rise to the realms of heaven. In Hebrew mysticism, it has long been taught that while all senses have the ability to give pleasure to the body, it’s the sense of smell that gives pleasure to the soul.

Fragrance is mystical because it heightens our senses and is believed to have the power to give the wearer an out-of-body experience by simply immersing oneself and inhaling the perfume so that the molecular body and mystical soul can mingle and converge. Let go and allow the aroma to what it does through seminal stillness.

Liquides Imaginaires Philosophy

Liquides Imaginaires created luxuriously sublime and ethereal scents as a portal to the imaginary world. The fragrance brand takes perfumes back to its ancient roots so that they can mingle with mystical energy.

Liquides Imaginaires pays tribute to the original perfume story because it’s in the conceptual story of perfume that we can understand its past and bring forth its relevance to the present.

The brand believes perfumes are akin to poetry because of their power to evoke various states of mind.

Perfumes are a portal for awakening the spiritual realm that lives inside all of us — inside the imagination that longs to be unlocked so that it can speak to us our true desires and mission for this lifetime.

Perfume is liquid matter that mingles within our very essence.

What’s the meaning of Mystical?

The mystical refers to a mysterious reality that can not be communicated through the senses or to the intellectual mind. The mystical is the sacred, spiritual space that channels our communication with divine intelligence and the sublime. This communication can be tapped into via a meditative state.

Liquides Imaginaires believes that perfume is a powerful passageway that can instantly connect to memory and imagination and that it even has the ability to reframe our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in an entirely new light, giving us a new perspective on ourselves and the material world that surrounds us.

This connection that fragrance has to tap into our psyche can be a transformative one because it’s potency and power can unlock new ways of connecting to reality and harness insight into what lies in the imagination beyond.

Why Did Liquides Imaginaires Create Mystical Perfumes?

In ancient times, perfume was believed to be a powerful passageway to the divine. Burning incense was not only a sacred ritual whereby Egyptian priests would call in and commune with the gods for spiritual guidance, but incense and perfume were a vehicle to transformation and self-determination. Indeed, the word perfume itself literally translates to “through smoke.”

Liquides Imaginaires created mystical perfumes so that the wearer can use the power of fragrances to uncover the mysteries of nature, and transport themselves to a reality beyond the senses and seek out the sublime imprint of their soul.

Mystical Perfumes: A Background

All of Liquides Imaginaires' perfume trilogies have mystical meanings mixed into their body and essence. They represent the sacred journey from the material to the spiritual in many different ways. Take the trilogy Les Eaux Delà, for example. These fragrances literally translate to the “waters beyond” and encompass both an emotional and sacred power. This trilogy is embedded with Sancti (purity), Fortis (protection), and Tumultu (a sacred seduction).

Similarly, the Les Eaux Sanguines trilogy (translated to “bloody waters”) is inspired by the concept of holy wines. Les Eaux Imaginaires is a trilogy of perfumes that is steeped in a quest of imagination and mystical flow.


The perfumes of Liquides Imaginaires can be seen as a map towards a modern mystical journey that transports the wearer to the innate essence of fragrance but also to the blueprint of their sacred soul. The result is a transformation of the senses and a communion with the higher self.