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What Is A Woody Scent?

True to their name, woody fragrances are inspired by the rugged scent and sensuality of the woods.

The woody family of scents include sandalwood, cedarwood, pine, patchouli, and vetiver.

Intriguingly, woody perfumes are full of curious contradictions. They can be rough or smooth, rich or sparse, spicy or mineral.

Wood scents are inspired by the rugged magnetism of the forest, but are also highly refined and luxurious by nature.

They also encompass a serene warmth but can also be on the cooler side. They are the perfect all-encompassing element, and these scents can be paired with citrus, floral, spicy, and leather formulations.

What Does A Woody Scent Smell Like?

To put it mildly, woody fragrances are a feast for the nose.

The smell of a woody scent is like decoding a complicated formula, step by step. Woody fragrances can come off a little wild and come on a bit strong: think trees, moss, bark, pine cones, resin, bushes, grass, leaves, and roots.

There is a mysterious opulence to the woody fragrances that is intense and enveloping: think high-strung heart notes of potent patchouli and velvety vetiver.

Citrus tends to take center stage in the head notes of a wood scent. There is a fresh and cutting crispness to the more dry heart notes to the dominant wood.

All woods have a rich depth to them but sandalwood is creamy and steamy, while patchouli is deeper in essence.

Cedar is dry and uncomplicated while vetiver is smokey and mysterious. Oudh, on the other hand, is complex and heavy.

Luscious layers to the aroma of woody scents can come from a variety of fragrances such as floral or fruity notes, as well as herbs and spices.

History Of The Woody Scent

Woody fragrances first made their decadent debut in the 1940s. Because of their powerful and potent nature, woody perfumes were the mainstay scents for men in the beginning. The fragrances gave men a rustic sensibility coupled with a refined charm.

Women were powerhouses in their own right by this point. They were on par with men for the most part in every professional sector of society, from CEOs and stockbrokers to scientists and Hollywood stars.

More than fruity and floral notes, the perfume industry started to take note that women’s fragrances needed to be updated to reflect the modernity of the times.

What Is An Earthy Scent

Woody scents and earthy scents are mostly one and the same, except earthy fragrances are more so all-encompassing. We’re talking trees and wood yes, but also running water and wild wind and breezy air.

There’s also dirt and moss and flowerbeds and grass and herbs thrown into the earthy mix. An earthy scent is grounding and glamorous.

Is The Scent Of A Woody Fragrance Attractive?

By now, it is easy to surmise that the scent of a woodsy fragrance is indeed attractive in the way that it plays with our senses and resurrects a dormant consciousness, bringing us home to ourselves.

The allure lies in the contrasts: raw but refined, earthy but elegant, sensual but sacred.

The woody base notes will bring all of these exciting contradictions to the surface and take over the senses in the most intoxicating of ways.

In short, woody scents make the skin dance with pleasure.

Liquides Imaginaires Woody Scents

Liquides Imaginaires has an alluring array of woody scents. 

Fortis is an ode to the protective power of perfume, making it a fortress for the woody fragrance. This fragrance was born from regeneration of fire and fire is nothing without the wood—in this case sacred sandalwood and guaiac wood—that sacrifices itself and transforms to a heady aroma.

● Similarly, the sensual Tumultu perfume takes on the tumultuous forest: its carnal charm will caress the skin and will inspire an intoxicated pleasure. Sandalwood takes center stage in this fragrance as well: it was burned by priests in prayer. Sandalwood is sweet, soothing, and sensual by its very essence. Cedarwood is also prevalent in this perfume and energizes the skin.

● The Dom Rosa is a pink champagne scent that exudes an air of excitement and sensuality. The mix and mingle of the champagne accord coupled with citrus and spice make this fizzy blend a turbulent treat for the senses. Guaiac Wood is prevalent for its rosy, smoky, and honey nature.

● The Bloody Wood is a beautiful red wine blend and opens up with a volcano of grapes, mandarin, cinnamon, and patchouli to give it that bold, musky aroma. Raspberry sweetness is layered with sandalwood for a seductive warmth. This woody and fruity fragrance is akin to wine from the Gods. The Bloody Wood evokes both intellectual and sexual prowess and passions.

Bello Rabelo also boasts the spiritual and sensual world of sandalwood and symbolizes the mix and mingling of mortality and immortality. Raisins, prunes, apricots, and figs round up this fruity wood fragrance in a storm of fantasy and illusion.

Béte Humiane opens up with chestnut and sandalwood to give it a warm, smoky, and woody texture. It’s tempered down with vetiver as an oil of tranquility. Woody leather notes complete this perfume and make for a spirit of untamed nature.

Beaute de Diable is the intersection of good and evil and the eternal struggle that comes at this crossroads. This sultry scent opens up with bitter orange gin but also has a butter citrus aroma and spicy floral fragrance that comes from carnations. The woody persona of this perfume comes from the sweet and smoky guaiac wood. This mystical, spicy and most Faustian of fragrances is a dark delight and looks to conquer your soul.


Woody fragrances hold a mystery all on their own. They are raw but refined, wild but worldly, and seductive yet sacred. They hold a force that is grounding but also meditative.

The luxurious personality of Liquides Imaginaires’ woody concoctions will entice and enlighten—and the effect will be everlasting.