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Les Eaux de l'Âme


Les Eaux de l'Âme

La trilogie invite l'artiste à associer ses esprits, son souffle créatif (celui qui anime ses passions), à l'univers de l'art. (celui qui anime ses passions), à l'univers des Liquides Imaginaires qui l'incarne en parfum.

Symbol of life: by saying “I love you with all my heart,” you invoke the organ whose beating causes our blood to circulate. Pierced by the arrows of Eros or broken by Cupid’s abandonment, I’m struck by love as if I were struck by lightning. My pulse marks the rhythm of your tender or bitter feelings, the transformation of your emotions. Can one live without passion? That’s the heart of the problem, for I remain the center of your sentiments, the source of life. Precious as a ruby, explosive as a bomb, bold as hot spice, I am love, the Soul of the Heart.

Âme du Coeur


In the tapestry of emotions, the heart takes center stage, representing love, passion, and the essence of our true selves. Explore timeless tales where emotions find their home.
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