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Liquides Imaginaires is a French artistic brand founded by Philippe Di Méo

  • It was created with an aim to return to the very essence of perfume, to highlight the magical dimensions of fragrance with its transformative power.
  • Also it captures a state, stages of life, desires and strengths to fix a precious memory forever.


Multifaceted spirit with an insatiable appetite for words, tastes and aquatic environments, Philippe is LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES artistic brain.

Most of the brand initiatives spring from his unstoppable curiosity, conceptual force and artistic intuitions. Halfway between exuberance and diligence, Philippe knows how to orchestrate ideas and people under the sign of narrative richness.

The Talisman Represents the key that opens imaginary world

  • Talisman: The meaning of talisman is an object, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck. At Liquides Imaginaires our fragrances are our talisman, each creation is symbolic and holds great emotional power.
  • These emotional, challenging and complex fragrances go beyond perfume and enter you into an imaginary world allowing you to explore your very own imaginary realms.


The story always comes first: the brief that Philippe sends to fragrance houses for oil’s development is firstly based on the stories, on the legends that will be translated into the fragrances.


Designed as olfactory concepts, fragrances take the form of trilogies: three fragrances as three chapters of the book.


The cap reminds us of an amphora, a vessel form used for carrying or storing the most precious essence in ancient time.